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Rural Transit

DMRC launching new swanky ‘Driverless Trains’

Ever tempted to see how the tracks and approaching stations appear to Metro drivers?

Commuters will soon be able to experience it with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) launching new swanky ‘driverless trains’ that will accommodate passengers end to end.

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Sustainable Transport Investment Could Save $300 Billion a Year – Within Existing Financial Flows

Investing in sustainable transport infrastructure is something national and local leaders want as a way to cut climate-warming emissions – 23 percent of the global total – generated by the world’s transportation systems. But it has become a daunting prospect due to the public perception that it’s prohibitively expensive. New research that compares both high-carbon and low-carbon paths for transportation shows that public perception is mistaken: a low-carbon investment strategy is actually more affordable than the carbon-intensive way. The potential savings could be $300 billion each year and is within existing financial flows.

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How Intelligent Transport System can change future of Transportation

With more widespread use of information technologies and the maturation of autonomous vehicles, ownership and possession will no longer be necessary prerequisites for on-demand mobility.

Experts predict that the emergence of “cloud commuting” will have a number of implications:

A smaller, more modern fleet that is used more efficiently and turns over faster
Greater coverage in urban areas with higher demand
Fewer trips for people who give up on vehicle ownership and opt to pay by trip
Greater viability for the electrification of the vehicle fleet
Demand for new street designs that emphasize pick-up and drop-off locations rather than on-street parking
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The Important Role of Rural Transit

“While public transit in the Twin Cities largely serves people commuting to work – and is framed in the public mind by shiny coaches and sleek light-rail cars – it has a much different look and feel in rural Minnesota,” according to an article by Gregg Aamot.

The article provides an in-depth exploration of the experience and the context of rural transit. In the latter realm, Aamot cites evidence from the Center for Rural Policy and Development that “public transit systems provided 12 million rides in Minnesota regions outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area (and nearly 98 million rides in the Twin Cities)” in 2014. In 2010, about “70 percent of transit riders using the most rural systems reported not having either a car or a driver’s license.”

The article also provides background on the political support for rural transit in the state, as well as descriptions of the day-to-day experience of  Jim Hansen, a bus driver in the rural area around Blooming Prairie.

The Minnesota-based Center for Rural Policy and Development released the “Rural Reality: City transit, rural transit” report in January.

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