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DMRC launching new swanky ‘Driverless Trains’

Ever tempted to see how the tracks and approaching stations appear to Metro drivers?

Commuters will soon be able to experience it with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) launching new swanky ‘driverless trains’ that will accommodate passengers end to end.

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Sustainable Transport Investment Could Save $300 Billion a Year – Within Existing Financial Flows

Investing in sustainable transport infrastructure is something national and local leaders want as a way to cut climate-warming emissions – 23 percent of the global total – generated by the world’s transportation systems. But it has become a daunting prospect due to the public perception that it’s prohibitively expensive. New research that compares both high-carbon and low-carbon paths for transportation shows that public perception is mistaken: a low-carbon investment strategy is actually more affordable than the carbon-intensive way. The potential savings could be $300 billion each year and is within existing financial flows.

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Let’s Plan for better health environment

Every dollar spent on better treatment of anxiety and depression produces a return of $4 in better health and ability to work – a big boost for countries’ development and economic growth, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday.
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Drought-hit states asked to utilise 10% of central funds: Birendra Singh

Union minister Birendra Singh on Tuesday asked the states reeling under severe drought to utilise 10% of the central funds lying with them for mitigating the problems like natural calamity even as the Centre was extending support to them.

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