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How Intelligent Transport System can change future of Transportation

With more widespread use of information technologies and the maturation of autonomous vehicles, ownership and possession will no longer be necessary prerequisites for on-demand mobility.

Experts predict that the emergence of “cloud commuting” will have a number of implications:

A smaller, more modern fleet that is used more efficiently and turns over faster
Greater coverage in urban areas with higher demand
Fewer trips for people who give up on vehicle ownership and opt to pay by trip
Greater viability for the electrification of the vehicle fleet
Demand for new street designs that emphasize pick-up and drop-off locations rather than on-street parking
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India moving towards Low Emission Development

The Narendra Modi government is moving towards low emission development by pushing for more efficient appliances in agriculture and residential sector.

Singapore looking at upgrading Indian cities, transport sector

Yeoh Keat Chuan, managing director of state-owned Economic Development Board, said Singapore is looking at participating in retrofitting of Indian cities and plans to upgrade its transportation sector, increasing its focus on Smart Cities.

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8 new elevated corridors’ construction to improve Delhi traffic

The road transport and highways ministry wants Delhi’s Kejriwal government to pay Rs 10,000 crore for the construction of eight new elevated corridors linking the eastern and Western peripheral expressways to improve traffic situation in Delhi.

The centre has proposed link road projects worth Rs 20,000 crore that can provide direct connectivity between the Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressways through Delhi.

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Let’s Plan for better health environment

Every dollar spent on better treatment of anxiety and depression produces a return of $4 in better health and ability to work – a big boost for countries’ development and economic growth, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday.
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Odd-Even phase II: Carpool option added to PoochhO app

Days before the second phase of the odd-even plan comes into effect, the Delhi government has announced the launch of carpooling facility on its PoochhO mobile application.

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The 8 Fastest-Growing Careers of 2016

Oh, mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map—the need for people who gather and interpret geographic information to make maps will bloom by 30 percent by 2024. The much-faster-than-average growth is driven by the need for maps in everything from managing government lands to the ever-growing number of mobile and web-based mapping tools, says BLS’s Emily Richards. Photogrammetry (from photo meaning “light,” gram meaning “drawing,” and metry meaning “measurement”) is the science of taking measurements from photos—think aerial photos taken from a plane or satellite—and then creating maps or 3D models. Cartographers and photogrammetrists make good money: a median annual salary of $60,930 (as of May 2014). And they’re in high demand in some highly desirable areas: Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Washington, D.C.; and Anaheim, California.

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In this village in Madhya Pradesh children are climbing down wells to scoop out water

Children risk their lives, climb down an almost dried up well in a village in Dindori (MP) to fetch water

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Drought-hit states asked to utilise 10% of central funds: Birendra Singh

Union minister Birendra Singh on Tuesday asked the states reeling under severe drought to utilise 10% of the central funds lying with them for mitigating the problems like natural calamity even as the Centre was extending support to them.

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